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Belawan - Shared And Sole Use Container

With many years of international shipping experience, Fastlane is offering both shared container shipping and sole use container shipping to Belawan port in Indonesia.  With shared container shipping you can carry a small amount of items with low shipping rates while with sole use container shipping you can carry large amount of items with a slightly higher cost.

If you are looking to ship your belongings to Belawan in a hassle free manner, then you must consider Fastlane for this task. This is because the shipping process can be very tedious when it comes to arranging shipping documents. You therefore need a qualified team of professionals that will ensure that all the documentation is completed accordingly to allow for safe transit to Belawan.

Before arranging container shipping to Belawan, there are a few hurdles that one has to cross. One of the major hurdles is ensuring the goods you are buying will qualify for import into Belawan. With a professionals shipping service like Fastlane all these formalities will be solved within minutes as Fastlane have direct access to the Indonesian customs department and can advise on what is and is not acceptable.

 Your shipping items will be delivered in Belawan in right time and right condition as well.  The best thing about them is they are professional and exactly know how to take care of the shipping items so that their customers can be assured about that completely. No matter whether you are looking to ship official items or household, Belawan international shipping will deliver your items in the safest possible condition in the desired destination. So, hire them now and take all the advantages they have to offer!.

Fastlane has loading depots in Southampton, Manchester, London and Birmingham. Fastlane also have an administrative office in Hull to handle any bookings originating from the north of England

groupage and full container


Container Dimensions

  20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container 40F00T High Cube
Inside Length 5.88m 12.00m 12.00m
Inside Width 2.34m 2.32m 2.32m
Inside Height 2.37m 2.37m 2.70m
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