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Abnormal Cargo Transport Services

Fastlane freight forwarding services include the export of abnormal load & cargo.The abnormal cargo could be anything from a plant/machinery to extra large caravans.

For most abnormal cargos over 4m wide, a police escort will have to be arranged so that they can be transported safely to the port of Exit. Prior arrangements will also need to be made at the destination port to ensure that everyone is prepared to handle the abnormal cargo on arrival.Transportation of abnornmal cargo can be done on RORO vessels and shipped to any country worldwide.Fastlane also offer open top containers and Flatbed containers.


The abnormal cargo will be lifted by cranes onto the flatbed container or Open top container and loaded inside the vessel for shipping.

For those companies or individuals wishing to move any abnormal freight from one country to another, please contact us and Fastlane will be happy to assist.

Fastlane can arrange freight transport of any abnormal cargo e.g large caravans to large yachts and boats.

the most important information Fastlane will need is the dimensions of the abnormal cargo you wish to move i.e the length,width,height and weight of the load.

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