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Shared Container Service- Tema & Accra (LCL/GROUPAGE)

Fastlane can assist you in shipping your goods in a shared container from the UK to Accra or Tema. The goods will be packed safely in the container and labelled correctly to guarantee that they will arrive in the same condition as when they left the UK.

Fastlane will arrange collection from anywhere in the UK and deliver to port ready for shipping to Accra or Tema. However, goods can also be delivered to any of our UK depots in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Southampton.

The amount of money you pay for shipping your goods to Accra, Takoradi or Tema will depend entirely on how much space your goods take up on the vessel. As a guide, 10 boxes occupying about 1 cubic metre of the container and weighing 200 kg total, will cost around £200 to ship to Tema or Accra. This cost may be higher or lower depending on the size of the boxes and their weight. When you contact us for a quote, please ensure that you have measured and weighed all your goods so that Fastlane are able to give you an accurate quotation.

Freight Guide

Freight CargoCargo Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)
20 inch Television 52lbs (24 Kilograms) 0.5m high: 0.7 wide
Large fridge freezer 220 lbs (100 kg) 1.6m high : 0.5m wide
3 seater setee 160kg (350lbs) L: 195 m W: 80 m H: 84 m
Chest of drawers 50 kg (110 lbs) 0.9 m high: 0.6m wide
wooden King sized bed 60 kg (132lbs) 0.8 m wide: 1.2m long
Standard sized Piano 220kg (500lbs) 1.5m high :1m wide
standar size pallet 500kg 1m x 1m x 1.5m
Shared container service to Accra or Tema can be a very cost effective way of shipping your goods as it avoids the need to hire a full container. This is particularly important if you only have a few personal items or commercial goods to ship.

Please contact us on 0844 5790994 for a quotation for shared container/LCL/Groupage service whether personal or Commercial.

Full container load (FCL)

For those wishing to hire a full container to Tema or Accra in Ghana, Fastlane can also offer you this service. Fastlane do various container sizes but the most popular is the 20 and 40 foot containers. The 20 foot container is enough to ship contents of a one bedroom flat whereas a 40 foot container is suitable for full house moves. The containers can also be hired out to companies wishing to move commercial shipments to Accra or Tema in Ghana

With Full containers, the 20 or 40ft container will be delivered to your home address, office or warehouse for 3 hours and you will then be required to load the goods yourselves within that time. Once loaded, our driver will deliver the container back to the port for shipping.

Request a Quote

    Vehicle Type RO/RO Prices / Costs Container prices / Costs
    Saloon Vehicle e.g BMW 3 series £550 £(20ft) enquire
    4x4 Vehicle e.g. Landrover Freelander £700 plus dependng on size £(20ft)
    Vans e.g Renault Kangoo Enquire £ (20ft)
    2 cars(saloon / 4x4) -£ (40ft)

    RORO Service For Cars,Trucks,Vans & Machinery

    For those clients wishing to ship cars, trucks, Vans and machinery from the UK to Tema or Accra, Fastlane can offer a reliable fortnightly ferry service. This service is called a “RORO” services because the vehicles are rolled on and off i.e driven in and out of the ship.

    This service is suitable for shipping vehicles of all sizes and prices range from £550 for a saloon car to aroun £2000 for large trucks (depending on the dimensions).

    Please contact us 0n 0844 5790994 for a quotation for our shared containers, RORO or full containers.