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Groupage And Full Container to Atlanta - Georgia USA

Atlanta is the most populous city in the USA and it is therefore understandable that majority of goods (commercial and personal) leaving the UK are shipped to Atlanta USA. Fastlane has been involved in shipping of commercial and personal goods to Atlanta for many years and are well equipped to assist you with this move.

We can also assist those clients simply wishing to ship small items of personal or commercial nature to Atlanta.

We currently offer two methods for shipping commercial or personal goods safely to Atlanta USA. These two methods are the shared container service and the Sole use container shipping service.

Sole use container shipping is particularly popular with our commercial and personal clients because of the fact that it provides the most secure method of shipping goods to Atlanta USA. Unlike the open method of shipping where goods are simply placed on the ship’s deck. Container shipping is very safe particularly when moving fragile household goods like televisions and soft furnishings.

The goods will be strapped securely with special belts inside the container to ensure there is no movement while being transported to Atlanta.

The shared container or LCL shipping method has been particularly favoured by our clients who wish to ship small items of commercial or personal nature. If shipping a car engine to Atlanta USA for example, it would be too expensive to ship in a sole use container or by air. The shared container option would therefore be the most cost effective way of shipping such an item.

With Shared container service, Fastlane would give you the option of delivering the commercial or personal goods to our warehouses in Southampton, London, Manchester or Birmingham. Alternatively, the goods can also be collected from your address at minimal cost. All Fastlane ask is that you pack the item into suitable boxes or crates and label them correctly to ensure they are handled in the best possible way

At Fastlane, all care is taken when transporting the container. However, in the event that something does go wrong, Fastlane advises that you take out sufficient marine insurance to cover your goods during transit. You can speak to any of our sales advisors by ringing 01482581292 or click here to send an email.

For those wishing to ship luxury or classic vehicles to Atlanta USA, you must take advantage of our sole use container shipping method. This will ensure your vehicle arrives in Atlanta USA in be the best condition.


Container Dimensions

20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container40F00T High Cube
Inside Length5.88m12.00m12.00m
Inside Width2.34m2.32m2.32m
Inside Height2.37m2.37m2.70m

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