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Groupage And Full Container to Auckland- New Zealand

Before the introduction of container shipping, transporting commercial or personal goods to Auckland from the UK was a complicated task. This is because it was very difficult for exports to ship their expensive products securely without any damage during transit. For this reasons, shippers preferred to buy their items in Auckland and avoid the whole importation process. However, with the introduction of container shipping, Fastlane have seen a huge rise in the number of goods that are being shipped to Auckland using containers. As such, the shipping industry has had to adjust to the customer’s needs and Fastlane now provide very effective methods of shipping commercial and personal goods in a container.

Sole use container Shipping (FCL)- for commercial and personal

The first method of shipping to Auckland is the Sole use container shipping, also known as full container load shipping or FCL This method involves the use of 20 and 40 foot long containers made out of steel. Because they are made out of steel, it ensures that the commercial or personal goods inside, are kept safe and do not get damaged due to the salty water and other elements at sea.

The Sole use method of shipping is mainly popular with clients looking to ship their commercial or personal goods in their own container without sharing the container. This therefore gives them full control of the container, to fill it with whatever commercial or personal goods they wish to ship to Auckland. With this method, the clients pays a set fee for hiring the container and this will not change whether you fill it to the brim or whether you fill it with just a few items.

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    Shared container Service ( Groupage/LCL)- for commercial and personal

    It will not always be the case that our clients will want to hire a full container when shipping goods to Auckland. Some may have only a few items of personal or commercial goods to ship to Auckland, and it would therefore make no sense to hire a full container. In such cases, Fastlane recommend the shared container option which was invented precisely for this reason. The client will load their commercial or personal goods into a shared container and pay only for the space they occupy in the container. The amount of space occupied will be calculated by measuring the length, width and height of the goods they have loaded inside the container.

    Shared container shipping service by Fastlane is really the most cost effective method of shipping commercial or personal goods to Auckland. Furthermore, customers can get to ship their prized possessions in a secure and affordable way.

    The goods will be collected form your address and delivered to the port for shipping. Alternatively, you can deliver the goods to our depots in Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester, London, Bradford and Hull. All Fastlane ask is that you pack the goods securely in boxes and crates to make it easier for us to collect them.

    It is also advisable that you measure the boxes so that we can give you a good estimated shipping cost when you make the initial contact with our company.

    Container Dimensions

    20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container40F00T High Cube
    Inside Length5.88m12.00m12.00m
    Inside Width2.34m2.32m2.32m
    Inside Height2.37m2.37m2.70m

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