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Shared And Sole use Container to Bandar Khomeini (Iran)

Fastlane is one of the leading overseas shipping services providers for both commercial and personal effects to Bandar Khomeini in Iran. Fastlane are currently offering both sole use container shipping as well as shared service under one roof. You can therefore get selective option regarding your commercial or personal requirements to Bandar Khomeini.

For personal clients with budgetary constraints, Fastlane recommend the shared container service as you can only load the most important items and ship them to Bandar Khomeini Iran as opposed to hiring a full container. The shipping cost will depend entirely on how much space you use up in the container so please ring us on 01482581292 and confirm the length, width and height of your shipment for cost.

For Commercial clients wishing to ship pallets of goods to their customers in Bandar Khomeini Iran, Fastlane can also recommend the shared container service (LCL)as this will save on shipping cost. This is vital if your client is looking to make profit from the sale of the goods as it will have cost them less to import the goods than if they had been shipped in a sole use container.

If moving large volumes of goods be it personal or commercial, it might more economical to ship in a 20 or 40 foot container as opposed to a shared container. This is because with sole use 20 or 40 foot container, you can load it as much as you want without worrying about space, and you only pay for the entire container, not space occupied.

Fastlane will arrange collection of the goods from your address and deliver to the UK port for Shipping. If you decide to deliver the goods to us, you can deliver to Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester or London.


Fastlane will also complete the UK customs on your behalf and arrange all shipping documentation including the bill of lading. On arrival at Bandar Khomeini in Iran, it will be up to you to clear the goods through customs.

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