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Vehicle shipping to Lome Togo

Fastlane car shipping UK is a leading shipping company based in the UK which operates  in most parts of the world. Fastlane are well reputed for our continuous provision of excellent shipping services because Fastlane rely on our well trained staff and have many years experience in the industry.

Togo is just one of many the countries where Fastlane offer our services. It’s situated in the gulf of guinea and is an important regional trading centre in west Africa. Lome has very busy deep water port which operates for 24 hours  day and has modern port equipments mainly catering for the inland countries of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Fastlane Car shipping UK has continued  to be in the forefront in its pursuit to providing high quality shipping services in this very challenging environment.  Our high level  of service has continued to remain as a shining example to our competitors.

Reliability is one area in which Fastlane have excelled in our effort to fulfil our customers shipping needs.  Because Fastlane have been operating for many years in the port of Lome,  Fastlane have vast experience and very familiar with all practices and customs  procedures in Togo.  Our experienced staff speedily help our customers in the clearing process once the vehicle has arrived in the port.

Cost-efficiency is at the core of our business strategy. Fastlane are always striving to reduce all our operational costs by reducing time and all other wastages which in return means Fastlane are able to offer our customers better deals in terms of affordable charges.

Fastlane have also invested in research and innovation which has enabled us discover  better methods of improvement in delivering out services.  Apart from our staff, Fastlane also work with our reliable agents on the ground in the port of Togo who have got first hand knowledge about all the customs regulation of the country.

This results in huge savings in  of time simply because Fastlane let the best people do the job.

There are frequent ships departing from most major UK ports from where Fastlane operate from such as Southampton, Sheerness, Tilbury,  Felixstowe and Liverpool to the port of Lome and your vehicle will be delivered to any major cities in Togo such as Lome.

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    Shipping cars in containers

    The most important thing is that all these ships always arrive within the prescribed time table.  Your vehicle will be delivered to a port of your choice and  should you require our assistance in the clearing process, our helpful agents on the ground are always ready on the ground.

    Our dedicated staff will offer you the best advice on  the best shipping methods available and the various pros and cons of each one of them.  For example, you will be advised on whether you should use a container or the Ro/Ro method of shipment and which one is most cost effective.

    So if you have any shipping needs please give us a call for your free quotation. Our services are unmatched by any other shipping company and our charges are very affordable.