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Container shipping to Antigua and Barbuda from UK

At Fastlane forwarding we leverage our extensive experience to offer reliable and effective shipping to Antigua and Barbuda. Our service includes the shipping of cars, personal effects and commercial goods inside containers. We guarantee a secure and efficient delivery service to St John’s port on a weekly basis. You can count on us to effectively manage the safe delivery of your goods to Antigua.

We offer the following types of containers:

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As a leading international shipping company we have had the pleasure of working with some of the leading brands within the UK and overseas. 

What We Offer

We offer comprehensive range of containers designed to transport a wide range of goods to Antigua and Barbuda. This includes personal effects, commercial cargo and vehicles. We facilitate the transport of the containers to any UK sites and clients are allowed 3 hours to fill the containers. We can also supply side-lifter container loading solutions for clients wishing to load containers over a longer period.

Standard container (20 ft & 40 Ft)

Cars, machinery, spare parts and personal goods can be shipped to countries by use of standard containers. Made of steel and aluminium, these containers are multi-purpose and can be used to ship nearly all types of goods. Please give us a call or submit an enquiry and our shipping agents will assist you in determining what size container you will need.Container shipping can be slightly expensive compared to other shipping methods. However, one must remember that the container ensures that your car or goods will be safe on arrival.
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Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated containers come with a system that controls the inside temperature of the container. This needs to be plugged in to the ship’s power supply the entire time it is on transit to ensure the temperature remains at the desired level. Refrigerated containers can be used to transport all sorts of goods, but the main products include perishable items such as flowers, fruits , vegetables and plants.Refrigerated container can be used to ship perishable goods from the UK to South Africa, Asia, West Africa, Australia, and many other countries.
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High Cube Container

Although similar to standard containers, high cube containers are 1 foot taller, and are usually 40 foot long. High cube containers can be used for shipping any type of cargo. However, it is commonly used to ship machineries e.g. diggers, or cars. It is also commonly used for shipping tall cargo that would usually not fit in a standard container.
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Countries We Ship to

We offer Worldwide shipping from the UK to most worldwide destinations across the world. Please contact us for a quote

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