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Container Shipping To Colombia from UK

We can offer shipping to Colombian destinations of Bogota and Buenaventura. The easy access to these destination allows the country be a part of the international import/export trade. Fast lane has weekly vessels to Colombia.Please se below for more information. 

Commercial Shipping in Containers

Commercial Shipping allows for companies to come to us directly for not just cheap prices but professionalism.

Containers can be shared which is ideal for shipping car parts, engines etc. Fastlane can ship machinery of any shape and sizes to Colombia so please get in touch for a quotation.

Sizes of container’s are given below so you can check and see which container you would benefit most from.

Shipping personal effects in containers

When Shipping with Fastlane it is vital you know exactly what you get when you are exchanging fairly large sums of money. This why Fastlane have a detailed E-mailing system allowing for you to be able to see what exactly you are paying for.

This is available for all of our services and is tailored to your request. Fastlane also offer invoices and receipts, this is optional and allows for a smoother running of the transaction.

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    Shipping cars in containers

    Fastlane will not only supply the container to ship your car in, Fastlane will offer the whole UK package. You receive:

    This is all inclusive of the price. In addition to these Fastlane can offer several other services such as:

    Fastlane insure your car for major damage, theft and loss. The cost of this is three percent of the cars value. Fastlane can also collect from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. This price varies dependent on the port and upon the collection point.

    Container Dimensions And Prices

    20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container 40F00T High Cube
    Inside Length 5.88m 12.00m12.00m
    Inside Width 2.34m2.32m2.32m
    Inside Height 2.37m 2.37m2.70m
    PricesPlease Enquire Please Enquire Please Enquire

    Please note: There may be additional charges for loading.

    Tel: 01482581292

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