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Andorra Air freight services

We offer a reliable air freight service service to Andorra cities of Aixovall, Els Plans, Auvinya, La Massana, Sornas and Prats. We offer a cost effective freight solution when shipping to Andorra, with over 15 years experience in the shipping industry.
destination rates per kg Airport to Airport Handling & Clearance in UK
Aixovall £3.99 + 45 per shipment
Els Plans £3.83 + 45 per shipment
Auvinya £3,78 +£45 per shipment
La Massana on request +45 per shipment
Sornas on request +45 per shipment
Prats on request +45 per shipment

Above pages are Airport to Airport and excludes destination charges you may incur e,g customs clearance, duties etc.

Please contact us 0n 01482581292 for a quotation for Airfreiht, shared container/LCL/Groupage service whether personal or Commercial.

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    Andorra- Import restrictions:

    below are not allowed to be imported into Andorra.

    This is all inclusive of the price. In addition to these Fastlane can offer several other services such as:

    Fastlane insure your car for major damage, theft and loss. The cost of this is three percent of the cars value. Fastlane can also collect from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. This price varies dependent on the port and upon the collection point.

    Tel: 01482581292

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