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Hassle free Shipping to Anguilla !

Frequency: Weekly

Transit time: 27 days

Shipping containers and cars to Anguilla has never been so easy! Whether you are looking for shared container shipping or sole use containers shipping, Fastlane is all set to make things easier and safer for you.

Whether you wish to ship your personal belongings or costly assets. Fastlane can offer you the best price and service for shipping your items to the desired location in Anguilla.

Container shipping to Anguilla by Fastlane has really offered our customers something which is unrivalled by any of our competitors. Fastlane have been in this business for a long time and Fastlane therefore know what our customers require.

Benefits of Shared Container

With shared container shipping to Anguilla one can really save money and your shipped items will be delivered at the desired destination in Anguilla in perfect condition. Apart from collecting the goods from your home or office, We can also assist our customers with packing the goods into the container as well as handling the UK customs formalities. By offering these services, Fastlane strives to make the move as hassle free as possible for our clients.

Shared container is also known as “Groupage” or “Part Load”. This type of service is really a better choice for people who wish to save money on international shipping and removal costs. This is simply because one only pays for the amount of space they use in the container and nothing more. Upon arrival in Anguilla, you will also incur minimum port handling costs as opposed to if you had hired the whole container.

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    Benefits of Full Container

    We offer a weekly full container service to Anguilla port from Tilbury or London Gateway. These containers are suitable for shipping cars, commercial goods and personal effects.

    We can deliver a container to your UK address for loading.Alternatively, you can deliver the car/goods to the port of exit, whereby it can be loaded into the container for you.

    We currently load one car into a 20ft container and 2 cars into a 40ft container.

    Tel: 01482581292

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