Import From the Philippines to the UK

Fastlane is proud to offer a number of services from a number of ports. These include Cebu, Manila and Davao. We can offer Container services for both Commercial and Personal shipments and can even arrange loading and securing of vehicles if required.

We have helped customer bring in a variety of classic cars and goods including Jeeps and personal effects. These can be used for Show or even re-sale. As well as this the whole process can be complete by Fastlane allowing for the goods to come to your personal address in the UK ready for unloading.

Shipping options

We are able to offer both 20ft and 40ft containers allowing for the most cost effective shipment. This partnered with LCL and air freight means we can move any good of any size with ease.

With Weekly sailings and great contacts the whole process can be a smooth and simple procedure with you being kept upto date constantly. For more information call us on 01482 581 292.

Calculating duty and taxes on arrival

The UK current rate is 20% tax and 10% duty on the whole shipment, However depending on the specifics of your shipment this may be exempt or heavily reduced. For instance vehicles over 30 years only pay 5% tax if they meet certain criteria and returning residents could bring there goods home exempt from tax and duty.

Import Requirements

We will get one of our experienced team to go through the entire process step by step and will see it though from start to finish allowing for you to have consistency and speed through-out the entire process.

After several shipments to and from the Philippines we can offer a variety of services to be tailored to your every need. This can be through any of our shipping options allowing for peace of mind and safety. We are available to go though this process at Once available an agent will get in touch to provide the best service possible.