Import From Qatar to the UK

Qatar along with the UAE and Doha are all increasing their economic status creating more profitable job and a better quality of life. This allows for expats to migrate, We are able to help with this as well as bringing goods back once your contract is complete and/or you decide to come back to the UK. As well as this we can help move a variety of different goods from Doha to the UK, this can be commercial, Personal or smaller items.

Due to our great links we are able to offer a variety of option extras, this includes door to door services and insurance alongside clearance and customs entry.

Shipping options

For vehicles we are able to offer an efficient RORO service that is safe and secure for all types of vehicles. Containers are also available in 20ft, 40ft and 40ftHC allowing for you to ensure that your space is packed in the most effective way possible. Air freight and shared container is availible however we will need to know the Length, Width, Height and weight once packed for shipping.

Calculating duty and taxes on Arrival

Customs services are available and we will help you to calculate the most cost effective way of getting your goods into the UK. The standard rate is 20% tax and 10% duty, However certain shipments allow for reduced cost ( i.e. classic cars over 30 years ) or exempt from tax ( returning residents)

For any information on the services and options we have available please call one of the experienced team on 01482 581 292 or alternatively we are able to communicate via email on