FastLane Forwarding – New Quotation Request

Import From Brazil to the UK

Brazil is a very highly populated country with a wide variety of needs. We can accommodate a variety of shipping types and style as well as air freight for small, quicker goods.

We offer a variety of ports in Brazil such as Rio De Janiro and Santos. Vehicle imports from Santos for Kombis are starting from as little as £895 with saloons and 4×4 being even cheaper. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the vehicles make, model and dimensions to get a tailored quote.

Shipping options

As previously stated RORO is available from Brazil for a wide variety of vehicles. There can be saloons u pto trucks and heavy machinery. All we simply need are the vehicles dimensions and we can calculate a cheap and effective quote for you.

In Addition to this Containers are available in both 20ft and 40ft sizes allowing for a variety of needs to be filled. 20fts are commonly used for a standard personal shipping move as well as for more exotic or expensive vehicles to be shipped. We are also able to offer 40ft container and these can be used for 3 vehicles or commercial goods to be shipped. ( personal hire also available )

Calculating duty and taxes on arrival

The standard tax and duty rate is 20% tax and 10% duty. This however can be reduced or exempt depending on the reason and commodity of the shipment, for instant returning resident or classic cars over 30 years old are both eligible for reduced rates. Please contact us on 01482 581 292 to get more information on the services and costs.

Import Requirements

Most shipments are pretty straight forward and simply require a booking form to be completed with both the sender and receivers details as well as the commodity ( and further information on the commodity ). Once we have all of this we can then process the information and move on the next step.