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Import From Ireland to Britain

Our reliable import service from Ireland ensures cargo reaches Britain in a timely manner without delays. The initial step in arranging your shipment is by email or phone. Our fully trained imports advisors will arrange for the collection of your shipment from anywhere in Ireland. Alternatively, we also have depot in Dublin where goods can be delivered to us for import into Britain.

Shipping options

Once cargo has been successfully received at our depot, we will ensure cargo is shipped out on our express service which departs on a weekly basis.


this method of shipment is suitable for both commercial and domestic/private shipment. Cargo is loadede a trailer, which is then driven to Britain.


We can provide you an estimate to import your
item as soon as possible!

Transit time is usually approximately 3 days from departure in Ireland to arrival of your cargo at your door in Britain.


For cargo such as trucks and vehicle, we can arrange for the goods to travel on a ferry from Ireland to Britain. We will then receive the vehicle here on arrival and deliver locally to any destination in Britain.

Cargo is usually shipped from Dublin in to the UK ports of Southampton, Felixstowe, Dover and Tilbury. We can collect goods from all over Ireland or alternatively, you can deliver the goods to our depot in Dubin.


Cargo can be loaded in trailers and charged based on how much space each cargo occupies. This is more conomical for the shipper as the cost of hiring the entire trailer is pread out amongst different shippers. For example, shipping with one pallet measuring 2 cubic meters will pay half the price of another shipper with 4 cubic meters.

This method can be used to ship all types of cargo including vehicles.

Calculating taxes on Arrival

for information of clearance from Ireland. Please contact us on 01482581292.

Customs Clearance

All goods arriving from Ireland will be customs cleared by our HMRCs approved agents at the entry port
Classic cars imported without container are pretty straightforward to clear through customs and you can normally collect your vehicle within a week of it arriving. Classic cars in containers on the other hand will need to be unloaded from the containers before you can collect them. This usually involves us collecting the container from the port and transporting it to one of our depots in the UK for unloading. Once unloaded, we will advise you on a suitable date for collection.