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Import From the United Arab Emirates to the UK

The UAE has grown massively since forming and has been a huge part of the import/export trade in the middle east and its current expansion, Due to the increase in jobs for expats and the lifestyle available there are huge numbers of exports, However there are still huge numbers of goods to be brought to the UK

Fastlane is able to offer a variety of services and shipping types to accommodate your needs, most common shipments are vehicles and personal goods and these can be shipped depending on your needs and requirements. for more information please feel free to call on 01482 581 292.

Shipping options


We can provide you an estimate to import your
item as soon as possible!

One of the most common shipping methods is a container, This is down to its ability to keep goods safe and secure as well as it coming in 2 different lengths helping to tailor your needs. We are also able to offer an LCL service this allows for the goods to share a space in a container proving for it to be cost effective.

We are also able to offer a RORO service for vehicles. this allows for them to be shipped more efficiently and below deck. This is highly recommended for the average valued vehicle however for more exotic vehicles or of the higher price tag we would advise a 20ft container.

Calculating duty and taxes on Arrival

Tax and duty is dependant on each individuals situation and can be assessed before arrival. Standard rate is 20% tax and 10% duty however goods can be applicable for reduced costs or be made exempt if certain criteria is met. For more information please contact us on

Import Requirements

Each job has varied requirements one of our trained team will be able to guide you through the process and its needs as well as be able to help complete paperwork if required.
We are able to import all different types of vehicles. this can be classic cars, Exotic or high and heavy cargo such as cranes, trucks and machinery. Simply just contact us ad we can help arrange your shipment over to Dubai or Abu Dhabi with ease.