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Import From USA to the UK

We can assist with the importation of cargo from America USA to the UK. The typical type of cargo imported from America include the following
1. classic cars,
2. commercial equipment,
3. personal effects
4. vintage motorbikes
5. Door to Door goods
6. Hazardous and dangerous goods
7. Goods in Pallets
8. Caravans and many more
UK is one of the leading export destinations from America and we feel we are strategically pladce within the market to handle most types of shipment. We have a wide network of contacts and agents in America that can assist with collection of cargo, loading, customs clearance and so on. We can therefore ensure that goods are exported from USA to the UK in the most cost effective way for you as our customer.


We can provide you an estimate to import your
item as soon as possible!

Shipping options

Once cargo has been cargo has been collected from your premises and brought to any of our warehouses throughout the USA, we will perform customs clearance ready for export. Goods are usually shippe using the following methods:


this method of shipment is suitable for both commercial and domestic/private shipment. Cargo is loaded in 20 foot and 40 foot long steel containers, which are both air and water tight. This ensures cargo is safe away from the elements in the ocean.

We ship from Savannah and New York ports in the USA to Southampton and Tilbury port in the UK


Rolling cargo such as trailers, trucks,classic cars and motorbikes can be shipped on our roll on roll of service (RORO). This service is cheaper that shipping in container as requires less loading time and equipment.container shipping although slightly more expensive, is more secure as containers are air and water tight.

Cargo is usually shipped from USA to the UK ports of Southampton, Felixstowe, London Gateway and Tilbury. We can collect goods from West coast USA, South Coast USA


LCL or shared container method involves the sharing of a container by different cargo owners. Essentially, each cargo owner contributes towards the cost of the whole container based on how much space their cargo occupies.

This type of shipment is suitable for cargo loaded on pallets, few boxes of personal effects, a classic car and so on. Price depends on volume your goods occupy so please contact us with the dimensions and we can provide a quote.

Calculating duty and taxes on Arrival

Most goods from the USA attract 20% duty and 20% vatHowever, some goods are excempt from customs. For a full list of goods exempt from customs duty, please contact us on +441482581292, and we will offer guidance on this for you.

Certain goods such as Classic cars over 35 years of age for example, only incur 5% vat due to their historic importance (BTI scheme 9705).

Similarly, if you have owned a vehicle in the USA for more than 6 months and lived in the USA for more than 1 year, you are excempt from paying vat or duty.However, proof will be needed by way of existing vehicle title and insurance certificate.

Customs Clearance

All goods being exported from the USA have to be cleared through customs in the UK on arrival. It is very important that you have all thesupporting documentation otherwise your goods will be denied entry. Typical documents include: sales receipt, vehicle titles, purchase orders, inventory,conformity letters etc. We are able to assist you with clearing your goods through customs on arrival for an extra fee if need. Please let us know if this is a service you require.

Classic car shipping from USA

We can source and ship classic cars from the USA to the UK. We also have transport companies that we work with in the USA,we can therefore collect your classic car from anywhere in America. Typical cost for classic cars to the UK are as follows
Ocean Freight $1000.00 approximately

Inland Freight $600.00 approximately

If you wish to utilize our services please fill out the shipping instructions attached and send back to me. If you should require additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.