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Moving to South Africa

Moving to South Africa We can offer wrapping,packing, loading and shipping of goods from the UK to South Africa. We currently ship to the major ports of Durban and Capetown & East london.

Upon arrival at destination port in South Africa, we can also offer customs clearance through our local agent. Once goods are cleared through customs, we can then assist in transporting the goods to you home in South africa as well as unpacking the goods.

Shipping Rates to South Africa

For shipping rates to South Africa we require the following information
1. Total amount of goods you intend to ship. This could be in cubic meters or cubic feet. If unable to determine cubic feet, we will require the inventory of the goods so that we can work this out for you.


We can provide you an estimate to import your
item as soon as possible!

2. We require your UK address so that we can calculate the transport cost

3. We also need to know whether you require our wrapping and packing service or whether you will be packing the goods on your own

4. We will need your address in South Africa so that we can calculate the delivery cost overseas.

Documents required as follows:

1. Copy of your passport

2, Copy of your UK residence permit

3. Inventory of the goods to be shipped as well as dimensions