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Import From Singapore to the UK

Singapore is a rather small country compared to other parts of Asia however this does not stop it from having one of the best economies. Due to the countries ability to be self-sufficient it allows for the people of Singapore to have stability. Not only does this attract tourism and expats it also allows for singaporeans to migrate themselves. This is where Fastlane are able to help.

As mentioned Singapore has a good infrastructure meaning that companies are able to import and export goods in a quick and effective manner ( through Singapore port ). This is something Fastlane can strive in and allows for a wide variety of shipping methods.

Shipping options


We can provide you an estimate to import your
item as soon as possible!

Dependant on the specific needs of each job we will tailor a quote, this can be through LCL, FCL RORO or Air Freight. As well as this we will can accommodate a wide option of extras to make sure your shipment is as smooth as possible, This includes home delivery, UK Customs Clearance, Nova Registration and much more.

Due to having a vast amount of containers in the area of Singapore as well as the strength of China and Japan (in terms of Import/export) this means we can offer very quick and regular services at cheap rates. For more information please call on 01482 581 292

Calculating duty and taxes on Arrival

Depending on the Situation and commodity of the goods you items may be able to come into the UK exepmt from tax and duty or reduced rates. This is applicable for returning citizens, Classic cars ( over 30 Years) ect. For more information please get in touch and we will be able to advise. Our email is
Due to the what and why you are shipping the rate will vary and additional services may be needed. For a free quote and advice please dont hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert customer representatives who can complete the process from your initial enquiry to the end allowing for seamless knowledge and fluency in your shipment.