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Car and Truck Shipping To Namibia,

The main shipping activities takes place in Walvis Bay which handles huge volumes of cargo to and from Namibia on a daily basis. Shipping to Namibia is also done via cape town in south Africa.

When you need to ship any vehicle to Walvis bay or any other major city in Namibia, it is important to choose a company which not only offers excellent service but also pride itself in having one of the best workforce in the industry. Fastlane car shipping provides affordable shipping of both new and used cars, vans, buses, trucks and any other commercial vehicle from the UK to Namibia.

Rates to Namibia (Walvis Bay)

Freight CargoCargo Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)
20 inch Television 52lbs (24 Kilograms) 0.5m high: 0.7 wide
Large fridge freezer220 lbs (100 kg) 1.6m high : 0.5m wide
3 seater setee 160kg (350lbs) L: 195 m W: 80 m H: 84 m
Chest of drawers 50 kg (110 lbs) 0.9 m high: 0.6m wide
wooden King sized bed 60 kg (132lbs) 0.8 m wide: 1.2m long
Standard sized Piano 220kg (500lbs) 1.5m high :1m wide
standar size pallet 500kg 1m x 1m x 1.5m

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    Fastlane operates from all major UK ports such as Southampton, Tilbury, Sheerness Felixstowe and Liverpool. Our staff are well trained and have a wealth of experience in the world of shipping and very familiar with the local needs.

    Fastlane are preferred by many people because of our effectiveness and efficiency in delivering our top of the range services. Our staff are well versed in all shipping procedures, practices and the import and export laws of the country. Fastlane have been operating in Namibia for many years and as the result, Fastlane have gained a lot of experience which has given us a cutting edge against our competitors.

    Fastlane understand how important time is to our customers and all our operations are conducted while keeping this in mind. Fastlane ensure that at no stage in the entire shipping process is our customer’s time wasted. Because of our vast experience, everything runs so smoothly from the time of processing the shipping order to the time the vehicle is received at the port ready for shipment.

    Furthermore, Fastlane ensure that the voyage itself takes place within schedule and your vehicle arrives at its final destination in good time ready for your clearance.

    Fastlane take the safety and security of our customers vehicles and personal effects very seriously. To ensure this, Fastlane rely on the honesty and integrity of our staff and agents. Our hiring process is very strict and stringent and this ensures that Fastlane work with only reliable people. Our staff are always properly trained and brought to standard with our values and ethics.

    Fastlane Car shipping UK offers very competitive prices when it comes to charges because Fastlane always pass on the savings Fastlane make because of our efficiency to our customers. Therefore, for peace of mind, don’t ship with just any shipping company but with Fastlane car shipping who have a good tract record as far as reliability is Concerned.

    Full container shipping (FCL) to Walvis bay port

    Fastlane offer car shipping,boat shipping,truck shipping,Machine/plant shipping & personal goods shipping.