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Namibia Truck Shipping

With Namibia being located on the west coast of Africa, truck shipping to Namibia is easily afforded from the United Kingdom to the main port of Walvis Bay.

The preferred method of truck shipping to Namibia is Roll On/Roll Off as the country is a popular one to which cars are shipped, and this method is cost-effective for those who ship regularly to the country. The travel time from almost any port in the United Kingdom to Walvis Bay is between 15 and 18 days.

Vehicle Type


From Sheerness port

From immingham port

Saloon cars less than 16 cbm £690 £750
4x4,suv's Less than 18 cbm £730 £850
Small vans Less than 18 cbm from £POA £POA


Between 18 - 25 cbm

from £POA


Vans / Average sized Minibuses

Between 25 - 35 cbm

from £POA


Rigid Trucks / Truck heads

Up to 7.99m Long

from £POA


Rigid Trucks/ Tippers / Trailers

Between 8 - 11.99m long



Buses / Coaches

Between 8 - 12m long




this picture shows a roro method of truck shipping to namibiaOnce the Truck Arrives

Once a truck arrives in Namibia, it needs to be cleared by customs, and then it can be stored in a warehouse for up to a week until the owner is able to pick up the vehicle and drive it to its final destination This can help to alleviate on the part of the owner any concerns of where the truck may be once it arrives in the country.

There are several documents that are required for truck shipping to Namibia. A photocopy of the owner’s passport is required as well as of the bill lading. This is a document that is granted after the vehicle has left the United Kingdom.

Transhipment to Zimbabwe or Botswana

We can arrange for your vehicle to be cleared through customs in Namibia or Durban and Transported to Zimbabwe or Botswana. We currently offer the following rates from UK which includes transport and clearance

Destination Saloons/Sedans 4x4/Suv
Beitbridge £1550 £1650
Harare Not available Not available
Plumtree £poa £poa

Please note that if vehicles are being shipped to other countries via namibia, then only the customs regulation in destination countries will apply.

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