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Shared Container Service- Blantyre (LCL/GROUPAGE)

Before the introduction of modern day shipping, it was impossible to ship goods to Blantyre. Goods had to be shipped to Dar es Salaam port in Tanzania and the client would then have to collect their goods and transport them to Malawi. However, things have certainly improved and we now offer a shared container service to Blantyre.

Once you have appointed us as your preferred shipping provider, we will transport your goods to Dar es Salaam in a shared 20 or 40 foot container and once offloaded in Dar es Salaam, the goods will then be transported on your behalf to Blantyre. Our expertise and experience in shipping goods to Blantyre are just one of the reasons why we are known as one of the most reliable international shipping companies in the UK.

We will arrange collection of the goods from your house or you can deliver to any of our depots in London, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester and Hull. The goods will then be loaded inside a 20 or 40 foot container that will be shared with other individuals. The cost payable for shipping will depend entirely on how much space you have occupied inside the container.

Shipping personal effects in container

Although the goods will be shipped in a shared container, each client will receive individual documentation to enable them to clear the goods through customs in Malawi without too much hassle. We will also complete UK customs clearance for each client individually to ensure the departure of your goods complies fully with the UK customs rules and regulations.

Although we take utmost care when it comes to shipping your goods, we recommend that you take out appropriate marine insurance to cover your goods against any damage. The cost of the insurance is usually 2% of the value of the goods. We work with a lot of reputable insurance companies and can assist you in getting suitable cover for your goods.

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    Freight Guide

    Freight Cargo Cargo Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)
    20 inch Television 52lbs (24 Kilograms) 0.5m high: 0.7 wide
    0.5m high: 0.7 wide
    0.5m high: 0.7 wide
    0.5m high: 0.7 wide
    3 seater setee 160kg (350lbs) L: 195 m W: 80 m H: 84 m
    Chest of drawers 50 kg (110 lbs) 0.9 m high: 0.6m wide
    wooden King sized bed 60 kg (132lbs) 0.8 m wide: 1.2m long
    Standard sized Piano 220kg (500lbs) 1.5m high :1m wide
    standar size pallet 500kg1m x 1m x 1.5m

    Your goods will be transported in a shared 20 or 40 foot container and the amount you pay for shipping will depend onhow much space your goods occupy in the container.

    Please contact us 0n 0844 5790994 for a quotation for shared container/LCL/Groupage service whether personal or Commercial.


    Tel: 01482581292

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