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Shipping of cars & goods to Barbados

Fastlane can arrange shipping of cars and goods from the UK to Bridgetown Barbados.

Goods can be shipped in containers or on in Pallets.

Cars can be shipped to Bridgetown Barbados in 10 foot,20 foot or 40 foot container, or on the deck using the RORO system.

RORO Method of Shipping

RORO system for cars involves driving the vehicles into the deck of the ship and driving off the ship upon arrival in Barbados.

RORO is cheaper because there and no expensive equipments to be used as you only need one person to Drive the vehicle on and off.

RORO ships tend to sail on a weekly basis to Bridetown.These ships sail from Portsmouth UK and Southampton.

Container Method of shipping

Using this method, steel 20ft and 40ft containers can be loaded with cars or personal goods and shipped to Bridgetown Barbados.

For ease of loading, Fastlane recommend that you bring your cargo to either of our warehouses in Portsmouth or Felixstowe for loading. Fastlane recommend this especially for cars as our proffessional loading staff will secure the cars to avoid any movement during transit.

If you have a loading bay near your office or home, Fastlane could also arrange for the containers to be brought down to your address for loading. Please contact us for a quote if this is the service that you would prefer.

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