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Shipping to Mozambique

Fastlane offer affordable car shipping option from the UK to destinations like Nacala,Beira and Maputo in Mozambique. Vehicles are generally shipped from Southampton, felixstowe and sheerness ports in the UK.

Fastlane offer two main methods for shipping cars and goods from the UK to Nacala Mozambique,these two methods are RORO and Container services.

Container Shipping Service

At Fastlane, we offer 20 and 40 foot steel containers for shipping cars and goods to Nacala in Mozambique. Please click here for container sizes.

Steel containers offer security for the cargo against damage or vandalism during transit. This is particularly important for ports where crime levels are particularly high.

Container ships for Nacala generally ship from Felixstowe port in the UK. You will be expected to deliver the vehicle to the port so that Fastlane can load it for you into the container.

Upon request, Fastlane are able deliver the container to your warehouse/home/office for loading of the vehicle. Fastlane give you 3 hours to load the car/goods before Fastlane take the container away.

Transit time to Nacala is approximately 22 days by container ships.

Container Shipping Service

Suitable for shipping cars, 4×4’s , buses, tractors, plant and machinery.

Most economical method of shipping vehicles to Nacala from the UK

Fastlane ship to Nacala from All major ports including Sheerness, Southampton, Tilbury and Felixstowe. Transit time is usually around 18 days from the date of sailing.

With Roll on Roll off, cars are simply driven into the vessel before departure, and driven out of the vessel on arrival in Mozambique

In Most cases, you will be allowed to load personal goods in your vehicle before shipping. However, some ports do not encourage this so it is essential that you ask us about this before proceeding to do so.

Forwarding Services

Offering Reliable car shipping Services to Mozambique, from the UK

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