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Shipping cars & Goods to Spain

fastlaneFastlane offer accordable car and personal goods removal services to Spain. Cars can be shipped on the decks of the ships (RORO) or in containers. Personal effects on other hand can only be shipped in containers.

The following is a small guide to both RORO and container Services:

Ro-Ro shipping Service

can accommodate any type of Trucks, lorries, cars and Trailers.

Fastlane ship cars to all left and right & Left hand drive countries.

container shipRo-Ro ships sail on a fortnightly basis from sheerness port,Tilbury port,Soutampton port, Felixstowe ports.

For Truck Shipping, measurements for the trucks is required before rates for shipping these on RORO is provided.

Rates for cars and other vehicles also depend on size .

20 foot container services (private)

For shipping smaller Trucks/vans/machinery/diggers

Container ensures the trucks & cars are safe during transit.

Container ships sail on a weekly basis from uk ports like southampton port,Tilbury port,sheerness port,Felixstowe and Hull.

More expensive than RORO shipping, but guarantees your truck arrives in perfect condition

Forwarding Services

Fastlane offer car shipping,boat shipping,truck shipping,Machine/plant shipping & personal goods shipping to Spain

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