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Vehicle export to Jamaica

We are a UK based export company focusing on exporting cars to Jamaica and other worldwide destinations. Our services not only stop at shipping, but we can also assist with sourcing and purchasing of UK vehicles for export.

We can assist in sourcing any UK spec vehicle and exporting it to Jamaica ports of Kingston and Montego Bay.

The type of vehicles exported from the UK to Jamaica are Mercedes, land rovers for export, BMW, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota and many more.

We have over 15 years’ experience in Sourcing, purchasing, and shipping vehicle to Jamaica. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

Import Rules for Jamaica

Prior to the 1970s there was no established regime framework that monitored the importation of vehicles into Jamaica. However, in the late 70s the following rules were introduced. There have been regular amendments throughout the years so to keep up with current import rules for Jamaica, please check with the trade board. You can find all the current rules on

Age Limits for cars to Jamaica

Motorcycles/ ATVs- motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles- 5 years

Cars and SUV’s max 8 passengers- 6 years

Light Commercial Vehicles-

  • Buses: Seating capacity not exceeding 8 persons- 6 years
  • Pick Up Trucks: Unladen weight not exceeding 1,500 Kg- 6 years
  • Pick Up Trucks, Other Small Trucks: Unladen weight 1,501 Kg – 3,000 Kg.- 10yrs
  • Panel Vans -10 years
  • Vans with windows- 10years

Commercial Vehicles

  • 15 to 20 passengers- 12 years
  • 21-30 passengers  - 15 years
  • 31 to 45 passengers- 20 years
  • Seating capacity over 46 passengers- 25 years


  • Unladen weight 3001kg to 6000kg- 20 years
  • Unladen weight 6001 to 8000kg- 25 years
  • Unladed weight exceeding 8000kg – 30 years

All types of heavy-duty equipment -30 years

Disclaimer: Customs rules change on a a regular basis. above is therefore not to be relied upon as fact.We recommend that you check current rules with Jamaican trade board on

We have many years’ experience in sourcing, exporting, repairing, and shipping of these luxury cars.
If you already have your eye on a vehicle that you wish to export, we can assist you in exporting it. We have an in-house shipping department that has access to very affordable shipping rates.


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