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Import Custom Clearance

We can offer import customs clearance at any UK port including Hull,Felixstowe, Sheerness, Tilbury, London Gateway and Immingham.We have a direct access to HMRC’s customs system and can clear your goods in an efficient and timely manner.

As well as customs clearance, we also offer secure warehousing services for your goods. Goods will therefore be stored securely while we arrange clearance.

Once the cargo has been cleared by customs and all charges cleared, we will arrange onward transportation of the goods from UK port to your UK address. We will arrange a time and a date of delivery with you to ensure the goods are delivered at a convenient time for you or your business.

Fastlane can also assist with preparing all customs paperwork to ensure that your goods meet all UK import regulations and avoid any hefty fines. We will co-ordinate any customs inspection requirements and assist with the payment of any customs duty owed.

Whether your goods are being Imported into the UK by sea, air or Road, fast lane can assist with the customs clearance procedures as we have access to customs systems at all major UK entry points. We will assist with all the import container packing and unpacking as well as LCL and FCL transportation

For customs clearance we will require the copy of your passport and inventory.


We can provide you an estimate to import your
item as soon as possible!

Classic car import Clearance

We can assist in the import of classic cars to the UK from the UK. Classis cars are normally imported in a container or without container.
Classic cars imported without container are pretty straightforward to clear through customs and you can normally collect your vehicle within a week of it arriving. Classic cars in containers on the other hand will need to be unloaded from the containers before you can collect them. This usually involves us collecting the container from the port and transporting it to one of our depots in the UK for unloading. Once unloaded, we will advise you on a suitable date for collection.

Private and commercial goods import

We can offer customes clearance for private and commercial goods being imported into the UK ports of Liverpool,Immingham, Sheerness port, Tilbury port, Southampton port, London Gateway, Sheerness port and Hull ports.

We can clear goods imported by all modes of transport including sea freight, Air freight and road haulage.

UK customs duty for Imported cargo

Most goods imported into the UK are subject to customs duty and v.a.t depending on their classification. We can guide you through all the customs duty and V.A.T requirements to ensure you pay the right amount. Payments will be made directly to HMRC through their FAS system to ensure transparency and accuracy