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export car process

Car Export Process

The following is the export process from beginning to the end.

  • Make an initial enquiry on our website and give as much information as possible i.e make and model of the vehicle you wish to source and export. Age of the vehicle, budget, destination port and any other special requirements you may have. If you have already purchased a vehicle, please confirm make/model and location so that we can offer a quotation.
  • After receiving your initial enquiry, we will look for vehicles that match your description and send you some photos of the vehicle. If you are happy with the car, we will arrange for someone to physically inspect it to ensure it is suitable for exporting.
  • Once the car has met all inspection checks, we will arrange to invoice you for the cost of purchase, car export, and any country specific export pre-shipment inspections. Some countries like Kenya and sri Lanka, require that cars to undergo a government appointed inspection before vehicle is shipped out.
  • Once funds are received, we will arrange purchase, pre-shipment inspection and wash/valeting. We will then book the vehicle onto the next available car shipping vessel. We offer different types of shipping methods for your vehicle. Details can be found further down this page.
  • We will arrange delivery of the vehicle to the port, ready for exportation to your country. Our delivery driver will take photos of the vehicle at the port and also take copies of the signed delivery paperwork.
  • Once the vehicle has been shipped, we will courier all documents plus car shipping documents and any spare keys to you.
  • shipping method

    Container Shipping Service- car and goods

  • Method1: Roll on and Roll off - RORO The first method of exporting vehicles is by using special ferries called. Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ferries. These ferries carry export cargo such as Cars, Lorries, Trucks, and Trailers. Through roll on roll off, we can offer Truck and car shipping worldwide. The trucks, Lorries, cars and Buses are driven onto the vessel for shipping to final export destinations. On arrival, the vehicle is usually offloaded from the Ship by driving it out on to ramps aligned with the cargo deck. We offer RORO car shipping services to most major ports in Africa, Australia, USA, Asia and the Caribbean.
  • Method 2: Container Shipping This method of exporting is not only for shipping cars but also for commercial goods and personal effect. For Cars, we will load the vehicle inside the container and strap it down to ensure it doesn’t move around during transit. This method of exporting is the best for luxury cars such as Mercedes, Volvos, BMWs, Lexus, Land rovers and many more. The vehicles are safely tucked away from the elements and ensures they arrive at their destination same way they left the UK.
  • Yours will be the only car inside the container. Our expert loading staff will position your private container at our loading bay and secure it for transport.
  • For shipping personal goods: We can also deliver the container to any address in the UK for self-loading.
  • For shipping commercial freight: we can deliver the container to your warehouse for 3 hours for loading.
  • Container method is the safest shipping service for your car or goods. Contact us for a quote.

    shipping method

    Shipping goods Worldwide (Shared container)

  • LCL shared container Shipping for commercial and personal goods This method of exporting is suitable for commercial goods and personal effect, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • For shipping personal goods: We can collect the goods from your home and deliver to our warehouse for loading into our shared containers.
  • For shipping commercial freight: we can arrange collection from your warehouse and deliver back to our depot for loading into the LCL container. LCL Container method is the cheapest shipping service for your goods. Contact us for a quote.
  • We also Source vehicles

    Some of the vehicles we have sourced in the past

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