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Car Shipping logistics

The following is the export process from beginning to the end.

Make an initial enquiry on our website and give as much information as possible i.e make and model of the vehicle you wish to ship. Age of the vehicle,destination port and any other special requirements you may have. If you have already purchased a vehicle, please confirm location and whether you need our collection service.

After receiving your initial enquiry, we will look for suitable vessels available and supply you with a shipping quote.If happy with the quote, we will send you our booking form and invoice in order to begin the shipping process.

please ensure you are familiar with country specific export pre-shipment inspections. Some countries like Kenya and sri Lanka, require that cars undergo a government appointed inspection before vehicle is shipped out.

We require a small deposit in order to secure the space on the vessel. Once funds are received, we will book the space and send you the necessary shipping document for delivery to the port. If you have opted for our collection service, we will arrange for a driver to be in touch to arrange a suitable collection date.

Once vehicle is at the port, we will arrange UK customs clearance and finalise all export related activities on your behalf.

Once the vehicle has been shipped, We will send all the shipping documents to your UK addres or to a nominated address overseas (charges may apply).

Container Shipping Logistics

Container method is the safest shipping service for your goods. Contact us for a quote.

Method1: Flat Rack Containers: Unusual and large cargo such as agricultural machinery, boats and large commercial trucks can be shipped more efficiently using Flat rack containers. This method is not only more cost effective, it also safer and more reliable and can be used by businesses as well as individuals.

Method 2: Standard Container Shipping The most widely used containers for shipping goods is the 20ft and 40ft containers. A 20ft container is mostly used for transporting small to medium size shipments. For example, one could use a 20ft container to transport 7 pallets of building materials, or contents of a 2 bedroom flat. A 40ft container is more suitable for transporting larger consignments such as agricultural machinery, vehicles, consumables or full 3 bedroom house relocations. Container offer secure shipping solutions, ensuring cargo is not damaged during transit.In general the 20ft and 40ft container can be used to transport both commercial and personal goods.

Yours will be the only cargo inside the container. Our expert loading staff will position your private container at our loading bay and secure it for transport.

For shipping personal goods: We can also deliver the container to any address in the UK for self-loading.

For shipping commercial freight: we can deliver the container to your warehouse for 3 hours for loading.

Container method is the safest shipping service for your car or goods. Contact us for a quote.

Shared container- cargo shipping

LCL (shared container) Shipping for commercial and personal goods

This method of exporting is suitable for commercial goods and personal effect, reducing your carbon footprint.

For shipping personal goods: We can collect the goods from your home and deliver to our warehouse for loading into our shared containers.

For shipping commercial freight: we can arrange collection from your warehouse and deliver back to our depot for loading into the LCL container. LCL Container method is the cheapest shipping service for your goods. Contact us for a quote.


Fastlane Forwarding ship from all of the major UK ports including Southampton,Liverpool, Sheerness (Kent), Tilbury, Felixstowe and Hull.


Mon-fri 9am to 5pm

Please note this is not a delivery addres. Therefore you need to confirmation of actual delivery port address before attempting delivery.






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