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Car Shipping to Congo (Boma & Pointe Noire)

Fastlane offer three shipping services to Congo from the UK i.e Roll on Roll off (RO-RO) service , Private 20 foot container service & shared 40 foot container service. Fastlane also offer a collection and delivery service for any goods from anywhere in the UK . Car shipping to Congo (Boma and Pointe Noire) involves shipment to two different countries. Pointe Noire is a port city in Congo that is bordered by the Central African Republic, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in which Boma is located. Neither one is the capital of their respective countries yet make significant contributions to their countries as commercial centres for the import and export of goods.

As with many other countries in Africa, car shipping to Congo (Boma and Pointe Noire) can be done by means of the Roll On/Roll Off method or by using containers. The Roll On/Roll Off method is the cheaper of the two as the cost for car shipping to Congo (Boma and Pointe Noire) is based on the amount of space that the car will occupy in the vessel. The car is driven directly onto the deck of the vessel and then safely and securely strapped to the deck.

The container method is more expensive as one pays for use of the container, regardless of the size of the vehicle. This can be calculated in proportion to the amount of space being used in the container if it is a larger one and there are multiple cars in the container. There are added advantages to this method in that there is greater protection for the car and personal items and baggage can be shipped with the car in the container. As opposed the Roll On/Roll Off method, the car is driven into the container which is then loaded onto the vessel and then driven out of the container after reaching port. This can be a more time-consuming process.

Containers are shipped to these countries on a weekly basis as the shipping vessel needs to have sufficient containers to be cost effective. Vessels using the Roll On/Roll Off method leaves the United Kingdom for Boma and Pointe Noire more frequently.

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