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Supplying & Shipping UK cars worldwide

Welcome to Fastlane Forwarding Services ltd- Your Trusted Car Exporters in the UK. 

Looking for reliable car exporters  to help you navigate the global automotive market? Look no further. At Fastlane, we specialise in connecting car buyers, dealerships, and businesses  worldwide, with top-quality vehicles in the UK.


Car shipping Method for Sourced vehicles

Container shipping is a widely used method for transporting cars around the world. It involves packing cars into standard-sized containers that are then loaded onto ships.

These containers provide a secure and efficient way to transport a variety of products, ranging from small cars to large machinery.

Container shipping offers several advantages, including easy handling and tracking of shipments, protection from external elements, and the ability to consolidate multiple cars in a single shipment.

This method is popular for its flexibility, as containers can be easily transferred from one mode of transport to another, such as ships to trucks or trains, enabling seamless movement of goods across different regions.


Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) shipping, on the other hand, is a specialized method primarily used for shipping wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, and heavy machinery. With RORO shipping, vehicles are driven onto the ship’s deck using ramps, making the loading and unloading process quick and efficient. This method eliminates the need for cranes or lifting equipment, reducing handling time and costs.

RORO vessels are specifically designed to accommodate various types of vehicles, ensuring their safe and secure transportation. This shipping method is often preferred for its simplicity and convenience when transporting wheeled cargo, offering a cost-effective solution for shipping vehicles across different destinations.

Both container shipping and RORO shipping play essential roles in international trade, providing reliable and efficient options for transporting goods and vehicles across the globe.

The choice between these methods depends on the specific requirements of the cargo, the destination, and the customer’s preferences.



Read our guide on how to buy a car in the UK for export worldwide.

Cars for export from the UK- Trusted Car Exporters

When it comes to Auto exporting companies, Fastlane Forwarding stands out for its dedication to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Explore our website to learn more about our shipment services, view our extensive inventory, and get in touch with our team to start your journey in the world of international automotive trade.

Trust Fastlane Forwarding -Auto exporters as your preferred car exporters, and let us help you drive success in the global automotive market.

We offer Sourcing services of genuine UK cars ready for shipping worldwide. We offer all countries in Asia, Australia, USA, Europe and Africa.

Our Services

  1. Vehicle Supply & Sourcing: Our extensive dealer network and industry knowledge allow us to locate and source a wide range of vehicles, from luxury cars and classic automobiles to commercial fleets.

  2. Global Shipping: We specialise in efficient and secure global car shipments from the UK. Whether it’s by land, sea, or air, we ensure your vehicle reaches its destinations promptly and in pristine condition.

  3. Car buying service: Please search our listings for available cars. If the vehicle your are looking for is not available, we can help you find and buy the right vehicle anywhere in the UK. Furthermore, If you find a vehicle elsewhere, we will also assist with purchasing and shipping the vehicle.

  4. Collection and delivery to port: We can assist with collection of your vehicle from any UK dealership and deliver to the port for ship export. 
  5. Pre-purchase inspection: We can assist with pre-purchase inspection of any vehicle that you want to buy within the UK. We work in conjunction with major companies like the AA,RAC and QISJ

Why Work With Us?

  1. Expertise: Our team of experts is well-versed in international regulations, customs procedures, and documentation requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipment process.

  2. Competitive Pricing: Fastlane Car exporters are committed to providing competitive pricing that aligns with your budget while delivering exceptional value.

  3. Customer Satisfaction: Client satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. We go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, from vehicle selection to delivery.

  4. Global Reach: With a global network of partners, we can source vehicles and products from virtually anywhere, giving you access to a vast inventory.

  5. Trusted by many: Fastlane forwarding services has a good reputation in the UK for prividing quality service. Check out our reviews on TrustPilot


Exporting your car with RoRo is like giving it a first-class sea journey. We simply drive your car onto the ship, and off it goes. These ships are designed like floating garages, ensuring your car is safe and sound throughout its voyage.


RoRo is not only straightforward but also cost-effective. Your car rolls on and off the ship, avoiding the need for expensive loading processes, which cuts down costs and reduces the risk of damage. Plus, with a secure spot on the ship, your car stays put, no matter the sea conditions.


With RoRo’s global network, you have a wide range of destinations to choose from. It’s a smart choice for hassle-free and affordable car exporting. Just remember to insure your car and check the import rules of the destination country to ensure a smooth process.



Container shipping is a secure method for transporting cars, offering protection and flexibility. Cars are loaded into metal containers, secured to prevent movement, and then transported on cargo ships.

This method shields vehicles from weather and damage, and allows for the shipping of personal items along with the car. While offering global reach and protection, container shipping can be costlier than RoRo services, especially for single vehicles, due to container rental and handling fees.

Despite higher costs, it’s a preferred option for valuable or classic cars and for shipping personal belongings with the vehicle.

Car shipping in container

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Fastlane Forwarding Services ltd is a UK based shipping and export company. We can source new and used cars all over the UK, and assist with purchase and shipping worldwide.
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