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Covered Car Transport Service

Our covered car transport services involve the transport of cars on the back of enclosed trichs or trailers. Fastlane can arrange for your vehicle to be collected in one our our enclosed /covered trailers and delivered to anywhere in the UK. Delivery time for most cars within the UK is 1 to 3 days depending on the distance, and amount of care needed when transporting the cars. Because the transport is done in the back of enclosed/ covered trailers, you willl have guarantee that your vehicle will arrive in perfect condition. All of our covered car transporters are fitted with tracking devices so that Fastlane can monitor the movement of your car throughout its journey. Fastlane can arrange transport of any number of cars, be it for private customers or for dealerships and companies. Please call us on 0844 5790994 or submit an enquiry if you are considering transporting your car within the UK or even to scotland and ireland.
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London, slough, Manchester, Sheffield,Doncaster, North East, East midland, cental England,Kent, coventry, Leeds, bristol, Hull, north Yorkshire,East yorkshire, West yorkshire ,south yorkshire, Liverpool, Newcastle upon tryne, Nothampton, nottingham, guilford,southampton leicester, Birmingham , oxford, plymouth, preston reading and many more.

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