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Container Shipping To Zimbabwe from UK

After a great number of shipping experiences and through many years of containers and cars being shipped Fastlane now have 3 points of discharge for Zimbabwe. These are: Beitbridge, Bulawayo and Harare.

Commercial Shipping in Containers

Fastlane Ships a huge variety of goods to Zimbabwe. We offer a service that ships the cars to Durban then forwards them on to Zimbabwe. We have a great working relationship with our agent who does this and we can assure you that we things will run smoothly.
We offer a variety of different sized containers (Given Below) and types of containers. These allow for goods of all sizes and weights to be shipped. In addition to this we can make sure your goods are secure and can be transported safely.
Fastlane has a dedicated team checking a variety of shipping lines for the best price when compared to the best service and along with the shortest transit time.

Shipping personal effects in containers

Moving overseas can be a long process with many complications and many issues. Here at Fastlane we minimalize the problems and maximise the service. We offer a variety of additional extras such as Insurance, Grounding of the container and even a shared container service.

Sharing a container can be suitable for small shipments or even returning students. This allows for only the containers space used by your goods to be paid for by yourself. We can offer the container service to come to your UK address and even collect the items. With Fastlane’s simple step by step process we will have your goods loaded and sailed within no time.

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    Shipping cars in containers

    Fastlane will not only supply the container to ship your car in, we will offer the whole UK package. You receive:
    This is all inclusive of the price. In addition to these we can offer several
    other services such as:
    We insure your car for major damage, theft and loss. The cost of this is three percent of the cars value. We can also collect from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. This price varies dependant on the port and upon the collection point.

    Container Dimensions And Prices for New York

    20 FOOT Container 40 FOOT Container 40F00T High Cube
    Inside Length5.88m 12.00m 12.00m
    Inside Width 2.34m 2.32m2.32m
    Inside Height 2.37m 2.37m 2.70m
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    Tel: 01482581292

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