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International car Shipping to Australia

container ship showing containers on a vesselFastlane offers a fast and reliable shipping service to melbourne,Brisbane and Sydney Australia.

Fastlane offer very competitive shipping rates to Australia, for saloon cars and for 4x4's depending on the vehicle dimensions.

Fastlane forwarders have many years experience in the export of goods and cars to Australia from the UK. Fastlane offer a high level of customer service, and our trained staff are on the phone ready to assist you with all your shipping needs.

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Customs Requirements for Australia

roro shipment showing truck being reversed into a vehicle carrier involved in shipping to australiacars can be imported into Australia, but most european cars will need to be modified to meet Australias requirements.

Customs duties are also payable for an idea on how much this would be before shipping

for cars that have not been owned previously in Australia, an import permit will be necessary. This can be obtained from the FTAC (Federal Transport Authority in Canberra).

Personal Goods /effect & Commercial goods

Fastlane can also assist with the importation of domestic and commercial goods to Australia in a 20 or 40 foot container. Fastlane will deliver the container to your premises for you to load the personal or commercial goods into the container. You will usually be allowed 3 hours loading time but if you do go above the 3 hours then Fastlane will charge £50 per hour extra.

When packing commercial or domestic goods into the container, it is important to make sure you make an inventory of the goods being loaded into the container as this will assist the Australian customs when it comes to working out customs duty (if applicable).

Fastlane will require atleast two weeks notice before a container can be delivered to your address.However, Fastlane can also perform last minute drop offs subject to container availability.

Collection services

Fastlane offer collection service from London, slough, Manchester, Sheffield,Doncaster, North East, East midland, cental England,Kent, coventry, Leeds, bristol, Hull, north Yorkshire,East yorkshire, West yorkshire ,south yorkshire, Liverpool, Newcastle upon tryne, Nothampton, nottingham, guilford,southampton leicester, Birmingham , oxford, plymouth, preston reading and many more towns in the UK

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