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Shipping cars to Ghana from the UK

Fastlane freight services includes the transport of cars from the UK to Ghana. Because Fastlane have been shipping cars to Ghana for many years,Fastlane are able to offer you very good rates to Tema and Takoradi.

Cars can be shipped either in a container, or Just under the deck of the ship. This method whereby the car is shipped under the deck is called the Roll on Roll off method (RO-RO). This is because the vehicle is driven into the vessel and driven out on arrival (rolled on and rolled off)

The RORO method is particularly porpular as it is cheaper than the container method which can sometimes be upto 3 times the cost of the RORO method.

RORO ships are also faster in terms of how long it takes to get to Ghana. This is because there is no need for heavy equipment at the port for unloading of the vehicle. All they have to do on arrival in Ghana is drive them off the ship one by one.

Although Expensive,containers do have the benefit of added security to your cargo whilst in transit. This is particularly important when shipping all your worldly belongings.

Containers usually come in many different shapes and sizes but the most common ones are the 20 foot and 40 foot containers. These containers are made of steel and can carry up to 10,000 and 20,000 Kilograms consecutively.

When considering whether to go for RORO option versus container, one needs to consider the value of the cargo as well as other factors such as sentimental value,time constraints etc.

In order to protect you goods further,you can Fastlane can also assist you in purchasing suitable Marine insurance for you car and goods.

Fastlane can ship all sorts of vehicles to Ghana including trucks,tractor,plant / Machinery, cars, trailers, carvans, and motorbikes.

please feel free to contact us on Tel 01482581292 for a shipping quotation to Tema and Takoradi in Ghana.

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