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Shipping cars and Personal goods to uganda

Uganda customs Regulations

Documents Required

Documents Required

Roll on and Roll off Service- RORO

– Because Uganda is Landlocked, Most imported cars go Via Mombasa

– With this service, vehicles are rolled onto the ship in the UK when loading, and rolled off when unloading.

– Cars,trucks,tractors,buses and machineries of all sizes can be shipped to Uganda via Mombasa

– For Saloon cars,prices range at around £1100 to £1250 depending on the season. for 4×4’s prices range from £1300 to 1350. Please contact us for rates.

– RoRO ships sail on a fortnightly basis and take atleast 28 days from tilbury or sheerness ports in london and kent respectively.

Container Services (20 foot and 40 foot)

Meant fo shipping luxury cars, classic cars and personal goods or effects.

Container ships sail from Tilbury and Southampton and can be delivered at your doorstep in Uganda

Container ships sail to Uganda on a weekly basis from southampton and tilbury.

LCL Groupage Forwarding Services

We can also assist with shipping pallets and small amount of cargo from the UK to Uganda. This may include but not limited to Car engines, suitcases, clothes, kitchenware and so on.

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