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Welcome to our service for shipping cars to the Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth and secure process for transporting your vehicle to this vibrant Caribbean destination. Whether for personal or commercial purposes, we handle all logistics, from documentation to customs clearance, providing you with peace of mind. Explore our website for more details on how we can assist you in connecting with Trinidad and Tobago through seamless vehicle shipping solutions.

We can also assist with vehicle sourcing for export to Trinidad and Tobago, see below featured cars and search our website for more cars for sale.

Customs Rules for Port of Spain, Trinidad

When importing a car to Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, ensure you adhere to these guidelines:

  • Age Limit: Cars must not exceed 4 years old; taxis have a 3-year age limit from manufacture date.
  • Drive Orientation: Only right-hand drive vehicles are allowed with a valid import license.
  • Inspection: No specific roadworthiness inspection required upon import.
  • Required Documents:
    • Customs Declaration Form (C82 Form)
    • CARICOM Area Invoice
    • Supplier’s Invoice
    • Bill of Lading
    • Import License
    • Deregistration Certificate
    • Original Passport of the importer

For detailed tax rates and further processes, it’s advisable to consult the official guidelines or contact relevant authorities​.

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