How to import a UK car to Malawi
How to import a UK car to Malawi

How to import a UK car to Malawi

Car shipping in container

Here’s a step-by-step guide to importing a UK car to Malawi :

  1. Select a Shipping Method: Choose between RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) and container shipping based on your vehicle type and preferences. RoRo is generally more affordable, while container shipping offers more protection.

  2. Prepare Necessary Documentation: Collect all the required documents, including the vehicle’s original title, bill of sale, and your identification. Check with Malawian customs for a complete list of required documents.

  3. Book Your Shipping: Arrange for the shipping of your vehicle. Ensure you understand the terms, including the expected shipping time and the port of arrival in Malawi.

  4. Vehicle Preparation: Prepare your vehicle for shipping. This might include cleaning the vehicle, ensuring it’s in running condition (for RoRo), and removing all personal belongings if you’re not using a container or if the policy restricts personal items.

  5. Shipping and Tracking: Once your vehicle is shipped, keep track of the shipment to know the estimated arrival date in Malawi.

  6. Customs Clearance in Malawi: Before your vehicle arrives, get in touch with a customs clearance agent in Malawi to prepare for the clearance process. They can guide you on the necessary steps and documents required.

  7. Pay Duties and Taxes: Upon arrival, your vehicle will be subjected to customs duties and taxes based on its value, engine size, and age. Be prepared to pay these fees to release your vehicle from customs.

  8. Vehicle Inspection: After clearing customs, your vehicle may need to undergo an inspection to ensure it meets Malawi’s roadworthiness standards.

  9. Registration: Finally, you’ll need to register your vehicle in Malawi. This process will involve submitting the necessary paperwork and paying any related fees to obtain Malawian license plates.

  10. Insurance: Don’t forget to secure local insurance for your vehicle to comply with Malawian laws and protect your investment.

By following these steps, you can navigate the process of importing a car to Malawi, ensuring compliance with all regulations and a smooth transition for your vehicle to its new home.


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