New Zealand Car import Service

Our UK-based New Zealand Car Import Services streamline the process of sourcing and shipping vehicles to New Zealand.

We specialise in identifying high-quality cars that meet New Zealand’s import regulations, ensuring a seamless transition from the UK to New Zealand.

Our comprehensive service covers all logistical aspects, including thorough inspections, secure shipping, modification and UK customs clearance. 

Available cars through our network of dealers

Through our extensive network of trusted dealers, we offer a diverse selection of vehicles tailored for export to New Zealand.

Our range includes the latest models and well-maintained used cars, ensuring quality and reliability.

Each vehicle is selected to meet New Zealand’s import standards, providing peace of mind and satisfaction. 

Our car Buying service for cars to New Zealand

Our car buying process is designed for transparency and value. We work closely with our dealer network to find vehicles that match your preferences and budget.

Upon selection, we conduct thorough inspections and handle all necessary paperwork, charging a nominal 8% commission for our comprehensive services. This ensures you receive the best value and a hassle-free experience. For more please contact our sales team

Vehicle transport to UK port

Our service is flexible, catering to both sourcing and transporting vehicles.

Whether we find the car for you through our dealer network or you source it yourself, we can arrange transportation to a UK port, ensuring a seamless and efficient shipping process.

This flexibility allows you to choose the best option for your needs.  

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Fastlane Forwarding Services ltd is a UK based shipping and export company. We can source new and used cars all over the UK, and assist with purchase and shipping worldwide.
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